Sextxt™ – what’s it all about?

sextxt™ is an SMS youth messaging service that provides sexual health information direct to your mobile phone.

sextxt™ has been developed in response to the many guys and girls who have told us that they want an easy and confidential way to get the sex info they need.

An Australian first, sextxt™ provides basic introductory information on sex, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraception, sexual health services and more.

The great thing about sextxt™ is that you can choose when and where you get the information, all from the privacy of your mobile phone.

How do I access sextxt™?

It’s easy! SMS your request to 19SEXTXT (19 739 898).

Simply SMS “sexinfo” to 19SEXTXT and within seconds you’ll receive a reply with a menu of options to choose from. Choose the option you are interested in and text it back to 19SEXTXT to receive a more detailed reply:

A1 – for info on STIs
A2 – for info on oral sex
A3 – if you think you are pregnant
A4 – if you have missed a pill
A5 – if your condom has broken
A6 – for info on emergency contraception
A7 – for info on unprotected sex
A8 – for info on unprotected anal sex
A9 – for info specifically on chlamydia
A10 – for info specifically on HIV

Is there a sextxt™ shortcut?

Absolutely! You don’t have to send the prompt “sexinfo” every time you use sextxt™. If you already know the menu option you’re after, you can SMS the menu option (e.g. A1) direct to 19SEXTXT.

Remember, it costs 55c for each message sent, so if you request both the menu and the detailed message it will cost you $1.10 in total.

You might like to save the sexinfo options list in your phone so they are always there when you need them.

sextxt™ works on any phone or device that’s able to send and receive text messages, as long as you’ve got a plan that lets you access Premium SMS services. Ask your mobile phone operator if you’re not sure about the current plan you have with them.

The information you can access through sextxt™ is regularly updated, so make sure you check out this website for all the latest news and sexual health info.

How much will it cost me to access sextxt™?

sextxt™ costs 55c per message request. You only pay for the messages you send. 55c includes GST and the SMS carriage charges for sending a text and also covers the cost of our reply to you.

Are sextxt™ queries case-sensitive?

No. Texting ‘a1’ is the same to us as texting ‘A1’.

How long will it take for my sextxt™ reply to arrive?

On average, your return message should appear within one minute – but this may depend on your mobile operator.

Can I forward the sextxt™ message to a friend?

If your phone or device allows you to forward messages then forward away!

Remember though, it is not cool (or legal) to ‘spam’ people with messages. Some people might not appreciate receiving the sextxt™ message on their phone, so it is a better idea to SMS them the website or sextxt™ number instead and let them check it out for themselves.

Which mobile phone providers does sextxt™ support?

sextxt™ is currently available through all major mobile phone providers in Australia – Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, 3, Hutchison and Optus (but if your mobile phone provider ceases to have an arrangement in place with our service provider, you won’t be able to access sextxt™).