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High school graduates packing their bags and getting ready to set off to Schoolies celebrations around the country have been issued a reminder to practice safe sex and use condoms at all times.

“Without a doubt, graduation is an exhilarating time for all school-leavers and, with the party atmosphere at an all time high, the chances of engaging in sexual activity during the Schoolies celebration is greatly increased,” said Jill Michelson, General Manager of Operations for Marie Stopes International.

Recognizing International Youth Day (12 August), Australia’s leading sexual healthcare organization today called on the Commonwealth Government to provide Australian youth with access to comprehensive sex education in schools.”A major focus of International Youth Day around the world is practical action to further encourage and empower youth to get involved in the decisions that affect their lives,” said Suzanne Dvorak, CEO of Marie Stopes International.

Young people attending the many events being held during National Youth Week (5 – 13 April) will be provided with free condoms in an effort to promote the importance of practicing safe sex and avoiding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy.